If there is an antivirus that detects, disinfects and checks malware and vulnerabilities as well as offering free in-the-cloud scanning for its customers, then it needs to be none other than the Panda antivirus program. It’s been known as a technology innovator and for good reason. Panda has been proven to have pioneered the SaaS idea. This is a concept that’s geared toward providing antivirus solutions to cloud-based environments.

SaaS or Security as a Service was released in 2007 and provides automatic threat scanning, which is a really different approach to cloud scanning that’s usually done manually by other businesses. TruPrevent Technologies, which is also an invention of Panda, is another accomplishment of security engineering. This technology provides proactive protection, instead of reactive protection. What does this mean? This is real-time scanning which automatically detects and classifies malware in real-time.

Though introduced in 2003, it’s become the security model that’s been used to develop the security cloud solutions under what’s called collective intelligence? In a report published on the Yankee Group report on Herd Intelligence in December 2007, it was said that thus far, Panda Security is the only big security vendor that has adopted the herd intelligence (Collective Intelligence) message? Anti-virus companies that aren’t taking steps now to plan for malware volumes 100 times their current load isn’t thinking hard enough about the issue? This strategy has produced amazing results concerning the collection of malware samples because of 2007.

In Collective Intelligence, each Panda user is a sensor for malware. This is accomplished by having statistical information about malware delivered back to the cloud. Because of this, there’s reduced bandwidth consumption on customers’ computers and the security is far more detailed and faster. That Panda Security’s Collective Intelligence functions as an online, real-time database that comprises the significant signature files and with only a minimal on the client endpoint, makes a major difference. The most recent Panda antivirus products also have not diverted from this revolutionary invention of Collective Intelligence.

Panda antivirus is among the few, if not the sole, security system which offers maximum protection with minimal influence on your computer. With Collective Intelligence, there’s dramatic memory consumption and enhanced internet speeds by up to 60 percent. By engaging the community, Panda antivirus has opened up new ways of offering protection that’s much faster, convenient and indeed smart when it comes to suppressing virus threats now.

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