Protecting your computer and ensuring it is free of Mal-ware such as viruses, rootkits, Trojan horses and spyware is an ongoing and significant endeavor. Internet users, in particular, are vulnerable to these kinds of harmful and malicious applications. Microsoft strives to help its buyers in safeguarding their computers and has developed totally free antivirus software for Windows X P, Windows Vista and Windows 7 Microsoft Security Essentials. During setup, MSE supports the license of the operating system of the consumer.

If Microsoft Security Essentials finds out that the OS is not genuine, the consumer will be informed and the process will be terminated. MSE is packaged with a lot of beneficial features. To start with, it can guarantee real-time and on-demand protection against Mal-ware. Its anti- Mal-ware motor is continually updated. It checks for virus definition updates three times a day and it automatically downloads. Moreover, it may also be incorporated together with a Windows firewall that is, users may actually turn on or turn off the firewall.

MSE is now utilized to select the place of anti-virus programs from Microsoft. Microsoft Security Essentials is free of charge, unlike Windows Live One Care that’s designed for commercial use and is also subscription-based. In contrast to Windows Defender (which is also free), Microsoft Security Essentials protection isn’t limited to conscious and spy wares. MSE has features that are present to both Forefront and Defender, Microsoft’s anti-virus client and anti-spyware customers, respectively.

When you already have Microsoft Security Basics on your computer, you don’t have to have another program for anti-spy programs since it can scan, detect and remove viruses in addition to the spyware. That will mean a good deal of savings from the computer’s memory and cash from your pocket. When MSE is assessing and upgrading the computer, it doesn’t slow down the computer’s speed. If it finds a Mal-ware, it might still prompt input from the user before taking any additional action.

If there’s no response that was sensed within ten minutes, the detected Mal-ware will be managed accordingly via default. Furthermore, it also produces system restore points before removing a suspected Mal-ware. There have been many positive testimonials about MSE, and the awards it’s obtained may prove this to be commendable. Just lately, PC Ad-visor included Microsoft Security Essentials in its list of”Five of the Best Free Security Suites.” This can be read from the article they published last June 8, 2011.

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