The Top 3 Free Antivirus Software

As the name suggests, this report documents the facts of the best three free antivirus software. If you’re seeking free antivirus software, there are lots of them available on the market today. But, not all of them are great. Here’s a list of the three best free software for virus elimination. Although there are quite a few other great ones in the current market, these three are the most highly recommended ones.

1) Microsoft’s MSE MSE stands for Microsoft Security Essentials. Founded by Microsoft in the year 2009, MSE is among the most popular antivirus programs used now. It can handle virtually all of the viruses and malware on your system. The best things about MSE are its simplicity and a lightweight design that makes it best suited for the older machines. Its user interface features very basic functions that may be understood even by people that aren’t very computer savvy. The antivirus software is available free of charge and you don’t need to upgrade it to any expert version. You can even use it for business purposes lawfully and believe it or not, you don’t need to pay a cent for it!

2) AVG Free After MSE, if anything is a favorite under the’free antivirus’ class, it’s AVG Free. It provides you complete protection against viruses completely free of charge. Additionally, it has a professional version which you may download by paying a minimum cost. You can even upgrade your existing AVG Free version with the newest one using the link provided on the site.

3) Avira Free Concerning simplicity, the user interface of Avira is as great as that of MSE. Besides, in addition, it includes a lightweight design like MSE. That makes it great enough to run on older systems without causing any performance difficulties. The same as AVG Free antivirus software, Avira Free also has a professional version that you could obtain for a minimum fixed charge. The free version can be downloaded from Avira’s official site.

Thus, Microsoft’s MSE, AVG Free, and Avira Free would be the top 3 free antivirus software. However, they’re not the only free programs for virus elimination available on the market. There are numerous other alternatives that you can pick from. Some of the best antivirus programs include Avast! Free, Malwarebytes, ComboFix, Clamwin, Panda Cloud Anti-virus, Comodo Firewall, and Antivirus, and Common Sense 2011. Thus, there are lots of antivirus software on the market. What you select is entirely a matter of preference and choice. As an example, in case you’ve got a Windows machine, it’s ideal to have MSE to safeguard it from the viruses. However, do be certain you have Malwarebytes applications for your thumb drives. The decision is yours.